Testimonials about Chris Harris' osteopathy

I’ve been going to see Chris for several years, for a number of different reasons. I’ve tried other types of alternative treatments, but somehow I always come back to cranial osteopathy. How can something so gentle and unobtrusive work out so well, not only for physical ailments, but also help keep your head in a straight line at times of real stress?

I’m quite lucky to be in good general health, so I don’t need treatments that often. But I’m one of those people who, when I get ill, I get really ill; when I get stressed, I get really stressed. I always know when I need to go to see Chris, because I feel dreadful, and nothing else is helping. I’ve been for all kinds of things – painful joints, stiff shoulders, stress brought on by work (including OFSTED!), or just generally feeling under par, and energy-free . I once went because I felt that my posture was changing after a minor operation, and was surprised at the change after 3 sessions with Chris - I was standing much more upright, and because of that, felt much more energized. I always come  out of the sessions knowing that something has changed – often I can’t say what, exactly, or even how, but I know I’m on the up.

Sometimes we talk, sometimes we hardly say anything at all, but Chris is always interested in how I’ve been, what’s going on – and if he feels you need something outside of what he can do, he’ll tell you.

Chris has been a real life-line for me over the past few years.

Paul Craven – June 2008 London N16

The extremely popular ‘magic hands’ of Chris saved me from all kinds of pain on many an occasion. And, unlike some practitioners, he would always explain how I had got myself into such a knot and gave me ways and means to untie myself. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.

E. M. – Stoke Newington


I first came to see Chris with what turned out to be the physical legacy of a severe traumatic experience. His gentle treatment unravelled the tension I was feeling inside. I was able to breathe better, I felt less 'wound up' and I was able to enjoy life again. I never imagined that osteopathy could help me recover, but in the hands of the right practitioner it did.


M. L. – Stoke Newington June 2008