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The Super Shed


As you can see from the picture, the back of my North Tottenham garden used to be not particularly prepossessing. Some fox-prowled derelict space on the left and a very careworn leaky shed on the right. However there were always plans afoot.

My partner Nicola is a proper grownup person and therefore needs her own space for work, dressmaking, and performing music. Therefore I was always slightly in danger of being edged out of the house unless exclusively engaged in the less edifying activities relating to sleep, food, hygiene or telly watching. Hence the requirement for posh garden office to replace dead shed. For me. Well, for me and my patients.

Posh enough to satisfy the most stringent demands of my extremely classy clientele.

After many hours of work supplied by a large crew of tradespeople, much project management by us, and some energetic limbo-dancing with the Harringay planning department, this exacting task has been achieved. Have a look at the pictures.

I think it’s lovely.

New Tottenham PracticeTreatment Room

Apart from the nice oak floor and the wood burner, the piece de resistance is the large skylight. This is in the middle of the room directly over my treatment couch. Since with my work, people are usually supine, a view up is important. At other practices it usually consists of cracks in the plaster and flies circulating the light fittings. I feel the infinity of the sky is a better option. Here’s a link to a compressed version of an hour of this: Skylight timelapse for your viewing pleasure

Practical info

Getting here is easy. Those reluctant to leave Stoke Newington, have no fear. Parking is unrestricted, easy and free unless it is a match day, in which case I will know about it in advance and will supply a parking permit. For the train I am 10mins march from White Hart Lane Station. This is four stops from Stokey and takes 8 mins: a good option. Buses 149 or W3 work fine too. Tottenham is interesting and up and coming. You may miss the usual excellent Cappuccinos of Stokey just for now. If however you want to place a bet, get a kebab, or perhaps a new tattoo you will not be at all disappointed.


Chris Harris Osteo
26 Commonwealth Road,
N17 0PN
Click here to view a map
Our street is quiet and safe. Bookings at the moment by phone or [best] text.

Still working at Shine and The Well Garden

I shall be still working at Shine and The Well Garden as before, and now Tuesday evenings, Thursday afternoon and evenings, and Friday afternoons here. There is a covered waiting area which will be liberally supplied with appropriately diverting rubbishy magazines.

Introductory Offer

To get things going I shall reduce my normal charges by £15 for the first four treatments until the end of January.

Discounted prices are as follows:

First Appointment

A first appointment+consult will be £50 (usually £65)

Follow Up Appointments

Follow up appointment will be £50/£40 (usually £65/£55). Children £5 less.

Occlusal Work

Occlusal Work will be £70 [adults and children] (usually £85)
Occlusal work involves a more detailed analysis of the facial structures and the tempero mandibular joints. I have been studying and working in this field with specialist orthopaedic dentists for over 10 years – see for more information.

Open Morning

I shall organise an open morning and email separately with details of this. Please come. And please come for treatment.

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