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The Rule of the artery – Part 1

The Rule of the Artery“The Rule of the Artery is Supreme” is a quote from our founding father Dr.Still and one of the basic tenets of Osteopathy. In brief it means that if there is not a good blood supply and exchange of fluids in the tissues then disease will occur. The reverse is also true: healing will begin to take place if restrictions on this process are alleviated.

The Rule of the Artery was the name given to an extraordinary postgraduate course I went on a year ago. One of the directors was an Osteopath called Anthony Norrie, over from New Zealand specially. He is truly an excellent practitioner. Powerful in what his treatments achieve, fearless in speaking his mind, and a great teacher. I knew all this already: he had been a mentor of mine when I lived and worked down under in 2000 and 2001.  It was a great pleasure to meet him again.

What he and a few others have developed recently is an ability using the cranial mechanism to palpate and treat directly the movement and quality of the blood itself. This was what was being taught. It allows a level of profound and subtle healthy change that is extraordinary.

The Rule of the Artery

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