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The Rule of the Artery – Part 2

The Rule of the ArterySince writing this article I have attended the follow up Rule of the Artery course in October this year.  This time Anthony is not in attendance but there is another interesting personal connection.  Our director this time is Maxwell Fravel.  He is another excellent and vastly experienced practitioner, this time from Australia not New Zealand.

When visiting my sister in Melbourne my old dad’s back went into a painful spasm, probably as a result of the rigours of the long flight.  He was duly taken to Maxwell.  This was in 1992 when I was directionless in my 20’s and a bit of a worry to my family.  After school I had duly trudged through a Business and Management studies degree at Liverpool.  I had even got my Desmond [a 2ii honours pass] despite having no interest in the subject.  Since then I had been travelling and doing various McJobs.  Knowing that I needed to put my shoulder to something, I had been considering retraining as an Osteopath.  However I had no money.  My dad had not been keen to further support his somewhat feckless youngest son’s further education.

Maxwell treated him.  Two things happened as a result.

Firstly, he got better straight away.  This was instantly noticeable to the old fellow upon arising from the couch.  This despite no cracks and crunches: Maxwell had treated him cranially.  My father was not familiar with this, and was amazed and gratified.

Secondly, garrulous as he was, my old man engaged Maxwell in conversation.  Upon the wall was his law degree.  Dad was not a fan of lawyers as a rule.  This was due to a life spent running a civil and structural engineering consultancy.  Being sued, usually unfairly on account of some other parties’ mistake, was an occupational hazard.  My dad commented on the certificate.

“Bloody boring!” was Maxwell’s comment.  He explained that he had quickly tired of his first profession and had retrained.  My dad was warmed and heartily amused by this.

When he returned from Australia he announced forthwith his backing for my four years at the European School of Osteopathy in Maidstone.  I am forever grateful to both him and to Maxwell.

P.S. I took it upon myself to stand up and tell this story at the end of the course to all and sundry including Maxwell. Rather embarrassingly and unexpectedly my throat closed and I welled up like Meryl Streep at the Oscars. The man himself gave me a big public hug which made me feel better…

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