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I await my muse…

I have something to say on a variety of subjects as most of my patients will testify.

However putting metaphoric/electronic pen to paper is a whole new way of communicating. I therefore ask for some latitude while I get the hang of it. Not least significant aspect of this process is learning how to touch type.

The idea is to realize my long held belief that I am a writer. I know, I know this would seem to be a bit grandiose [and has been said many times before by various feeble scribblers] but I contest that I am the son of a frustrated wordsmith. This was my dear recently departed mum. At the end of her English degree she was required to swear on the bible that she would become a teacher. This was something to do with the money provided as a grant and the restrictive social mores at the time: 1944 to be precise. She wanted to be a journalist but it was not to be. Instead she used her gifts to entertain the family and publish the occasional story and poem. Not a disaster but there was plenty of wordly juiciness that never saw the light of day in amongst the demands of raising four kids.

Anyway I know that I have something of her in me when I get going with something to relate. Time will tell if my efforts are attended to and hopefully enjoyed.

What I will say is that in my professional work there is PLENTY to talk about. I hope I can convey some of the wonderful things that I have experienced with the people I have met and put my hands on.

Wonderful. What an overused and hackneyed word. However it is the only one appropriate for some of the things I aim to share on this blog.

Watch this space!


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