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Here we go! Blog creaks back into action…

Right then. No time like the present…

I am sitting here gazing out on a beautiful spring day. The trouble is, I will not be able to enjoy it when I do get outside in a few minutes. Or at least I will not be able to UNLESS I CONTRIBUTE TO MY BLOG FOR THE FIRST TIME IN TWO YEARS…. so here we go.

I am sure it is a common experience for many of us. Tasks, not onerous at all, stack up for lack of attention. Then a miasma of guilt and anxiety settles around them like a bad smell. What was once a stimulating little project becomes stale and a burden. This blog is a prime example. I love writing, so why haven’t i done it?

My psychotherapist sister-in-law describes this experience as like the invisible hands on the steering wheel. You set out in one direction and for no apparent reason you end up on a ninety degree tangent.

What lies behind this is worth exploring. As is anything that can help us live full and stimulating lives. I personally believe the answers lie in subtle structural changes in the brain laid down very early in life. All to do with how the very malleable and plastic connections between neurons hook up. A large part due to input from our environment both emotionasl and physical. I blame the parents…

It all sounds a bit far fetched. However I can -and will- elucidate.

Not now though: the sun is shining and I intend to get out and enjoy it.


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