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The Super Shed


As you can see from the picture, the back of my North Tottenham garden used to be not particularly prepossessing. Some fox-prowled derelict space on the left and a very careworn leaky shed on the right. However there were always plans afoot.

My partner Nicola is a proper grownup person and therefore needs her own space for work, dressmaking, and performing music. Therefore I was always slightly in danger of being edged out of the house unless exclusively engaged in the less edifying activities relating to sleep, food, hygiene or telly watching. Hence the requirement for posh garden office to replace dead shed. For me. Well, for me and my patients.

Posh enough to satisfy the most stringent demands of my extremely classy clientele.

After many hours of work supplied by a large crew of tradespeople, much project management by us, and some energetic limbo-dancing with the Harringay planning department, this exacting task has been achieved. Have a look at the pictures.

I think it’s lovely.

New Tottenham PracticeTreatment Room


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