Osteopathic Treatment During Pregnancy

As mentioned in the article on treatment for infancy and childhood, osteopathy has much to offer during pregnancy.  It is a very special time, both anatomically, physiologically, and emotionally.  Growing a brand new human being from scratch is also about the most important job any of us ever do, men included. Pregnant women deserve every support and comfort whilst undergoing this rather awesome task, and frequently they need them too.  Not only this but the health, wellbeing and the happiness of the mother has a very direct effect on the same for the upcoming arrival, and in the long term too. 

Fortunately most women are actually very responsive to treatment during pregnancy despite the very considerable demands on their resources.  Discomfort such as morning sickness, heartburn, varicose veins and haemorrhoids can usually be alleviated.  Aches and pains are common as the body gains weight, changes shapes and hormones act to relax ligaments.  Osteopathy is very helpful in this very dynamic period, and similarly is excellent in preparation for labour.  It is my observation that women report deliveries to be more straightforward when osteopathic guidance has been followed in the lead up to birth.  Also of particular benefit is treatment for the mother and baby shortly after birth.  Unresolved childbirth stresses in the mother can contribute to ongoing back problems, period problems, stress incontinence, constipation, headache and post natal depression.  This is all going on at what should be a special and fulfilling time. 

Please see the infancy and childhood article for more information.