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Live forever? Not on your nelly…

I can remember my garrulous dad commenting on the difference between doctors and engineers.  The latter included him, my uncle Sir Alan, my brother and my brother-in-law: all the men in my family apart from black sheep me. His oft repeated wry joke was that doctors can always bury their mistakes.  Engineers however have to live with theirs.

The other aside was that for quite a while doctors were trying to get us to live forever.  Now apparently they had accepted defeat but were hard at work trying to make us all die healthy.

Hmmm.  What me and the old fellah had in common was the desire to give the grim reaper a firm two fingers.  We’ve done it in different ways though.  He drank a bottle of scotch and smoked forty fags a day until forced to stop late in life.  I do slightly over the top amounts of yoga and other energetic stuff whilst keeping substance abuse generally to a minimum.  This allows me to remain in denial about societies’ expected norms for my age, and about my age full stop. I am still able to run, jump, jiggle about and generally make an idiot of myself much in the same way I did when I was in my twenties. And what’s more I’m not about to give any of that up if I can help it.  Nor are my patients either by the way.